Our Best-Seller

All The Things You Can Be!


A milestone to celebrate their journey!

One Day You Will Fly

Give a unique gift that will inspire them and make them feel special!

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Astrid Satwika, Selebritis

Ga nyangka banget buku sebagus ini buatan lokal.

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Jean Girsang, Presenter

Trust me this one is a must have! Terlalu lucu dan ilustrasi gambarnya juga bagus.

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Gracia Yunita, Dokter

Seriously ini recommended!!! Anakku suka banget bukunya, begitu dikasi langsung dikekepin sampe dibawa tidur.

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Give your children the adventure of a lifetime in a book that features them as the hero of their own story!

These stories will make them grow to be avid readers and confident individuals that are imaginative, curious, and enthusiastic about the world around them.

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