All The Things You Can Be!

Rp 289.000

A wonderful journey to inspire their dreams!

A personalized book celebrating children’s dreams and boundless potential, where children can explore their infinite talents in many versions of themselves doing big things to change the world!

✓ Recommended for ages 0 - 8
✓ Fully coloured illustrations with flip-flaps
✓ Made with hardcover and durable materials

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"Buku favorit anakku sepanjang masa,
dibaca lagi dan lagi dan lagi..."

Jean Stephanie

Inspire kids to be the best they can be!

When they see the great things they can do in the story, they will discover hidden strengths in them and be inspired to be the best version of themselves.

Personalized each page, front to back!

Each book is unique and personalized in every page from front to back with beautiful illustrations that will amaze them—making them want to read again and again.

Enhance their reading experience

Add cute T shirts with their names just like the book to make their reading experience more exciting and special. It will be one of their favourite T-shirts ever. We promise!

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Perfect size and quality

This sturdy and beautiful book is bound in hardcover and printed on thick high-quality paper with laminated finish to make it water and tear resistant. All books are crafted to make them a personalized gift that can be treasured by your little one for a long time.