Find the perfect personalized book for your special little one!

Take your little hero to an unforgettable adventure. Our personalized books let children immerse themselves in a story that is made specially just for them.

Where Are You?

Rp 289.000

A magical experience about finding oneself in a beautifully illustrated personalized book of hide and seek. Our best-seller with more than 1,000 copies sold.

Happy Birthday!

Rp 289.000

A personalized book where children receive many mysterious shaped gifts on their birthdays—let’s open all of them and see which one is the best one!

All The Things You Can Be!

Rp 289.000

A personalized book celebrating children’s dreams and boundless potential, where children can explore their infinite talents in many versions of themselves doing big things to change the world!

Good Night

Rp 289.000

A wonderful bedtime story, taking children on a journey to visit beautiful animals across the world, making sleeping a fun and enjoyable activity

Ramadan Seru

Rp 289.000

Buku stiker personalisasi pertama dengan tema Ramadan untuk memperkenalkan makna bulan Ramadan dan berpuasa pada anak dengan cara yang menyenangkan!

Burger Shop

Rp 289.000

Inspire your little ones with fun entrepreneurial experience of running a business through interactive sticker activity book, where every child can own a burger joint with 500 high-quality semi-removable stickers to play with.

Baby Animals

Rp 199.000

A personalized book featuring your little ones as baby animals in a journey that's fun and educational. A perfect gift for newborns!

Find Yourself in Jakarta!

Rp 289.000

A personalized book that sets off an adventure for your little ones in the lovely Jakarta. Learn more about the city and spot yourself in it!

House of Beauty

Rp 289.000

The perfect sticker book for your little princess! Do perfect make over for all the princess characters in this book with lots of pretty stickers.

One Day You Will Fly

Rp 289.000

Buku ini bercerita tentang perkembangan si kecil dari dulu hingga sekarang yang pastinya membuat kita bangga dan membuat si kecil semakin bersemangat belajar berbagai macam hal baru untuk berkembang lebih dan lebih lagi!

Blessings of Ramadan

Rp 289.000

Buku Blessings of Ramadan bercerita tentang Ramadan penuh berkah yang dialami anak. Harapannya buku ini bisa mendekatkan anak dengan makna Ramadan serta membuatnya semangat berpuasa.