Where Are You?

Rp 289.000

Our best-seller with more than 1,000 copies sold in 2018!

A magical experience about finding oneself in a beautifully illustrated personalized book of hide and seek. Create a perfectly unique gift for children with personalized characters, message, and their names on the cover!

✓ Recommended for ages 0 - 6
✓ Fully coloured illustrations with flip-flaps
✓ Made with hardcover and durable materials

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"Claire suka sekali bukunya, apalagi waktu nemuin dirinya lagi dan lagi di akhir cerita!"

Catherine Sutardji

A story that will never grow old

Children love this book the same way they love the game hide and seek; the real joy is the moment they find themselves again and again. Watch them get amazed as they find themselves time and time again!

Each book is totally unique

Personalize each book to make it special and unique. With Book A Book you can write little one’s name in the cover, choose the character that is most alike, and then add a personal message at the back of the book to make it a truly special gift that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Enhance their reading experience

Add cute T shirts with their names just like the book to make their reading experience more exciting and special. It will be one of their favourite T-shirts ever. We promise!

Perfect size and quality

This sturdy and beautiful book is bound in hardcover and printed on thick high-quality paper with laminated finish to make it water and tear resistant. All books are crafted to make them a personalized gift that can be treasured by your little one for a long time.

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